Can Lint be Art?

Each illustration for me is about the process of taking unrelated pieces of everyday, ordinary material, and combining them – of using them – in an unlikely fashion. Finding a new purpose for them.

It’s about interacting WITH the material – feeling the weight and texture; comparing and contrasting elements to one another; mixing colors; finding a composition that draws your eyes through the piece as a whole.

I am currently trying to rework my illustration of a toothbrush and toothpaste sitting on a bathroom countertop. It is coupled by the words, “His toothbrush sat on the bathroom counter for days, unused.” My first thought was to create cobwebs all over the scene. I loved the concept, but the drawing fell flat.

So after researching (online and in my home) different cobweb formations, I am trying to go after it from a different direction.
I got down and dirty, cleaning up the accumulated dust on my floor and those hard-to-reach places. Now I was onto something. And then, only when I went to change the laundry, did I realize the best place for usable dust as a medium: the lint collector!

And the cobwebs? I found some woven white thread that offers a delicate dimension for the silky strands. I’ve been trying for a while to incorporate this thread into some pieces, and I think this might be a natural fit.

What is your most unlikely found material? How far did you push yourself to go get it?

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