I’ve Never Met a Real Author Before!

I stopped in for a surprise visit to a First Grade Class who had recently read One Thousand and One Words.

“Class, today I have a surprise for you. Remember when we read the book, One Thousand and One Words? Well, the author came in to say hello!”

The looks on these six and seven year olds’ faces were priceless! Big, gaping eyes. Long, lingering silence. Mouths that just hung there – not sure whether or not to smile. As I greeted them, they slowly came out of their independent shock, and gave me a tentative welcome.

With confidence, a girl spoke up first, “I’ve never met a real author before! You are the first one!” All the kids looked around, and nodded.

“Is this the first time for anyone else to meet a real author?” Twenty five hands shot up. Excited and electric energy filled the classroom, replacing the star-struck silence. But the kids were still surfing the wave of awe.

Awe. It is truly amazing how “awe” can fill up a room, and overwhelm a crowd. As much as these kids were in awe of me, I was in awe of them. Their curiosity, engagement, knowledge, insight. I hope I inspired them as much as they inspired me!

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