ABC 7 News Welcomes Sugar Bugs for National Brush Day

ABC 7 News welcomed Dr. Sam, author of Sugar Bugs! It was so exciting to see Dr. Sam as he shared Sugar Bugs, and his dental expertise for National Brush Day!
ABC 7 News Dr. Sam

As Halloween candy flows freely, November 1st is the perfect day to remember your teeth! Here are 3 of Dr. Sam’s rules he shared with ABC 7 News Chicago on the best ways to combat sugar bugs on your kids’ teeth:

1. Brush at least once in the morning and once at night, for 2 minutes. If there are extra sticky sweets, make sure to brush after those too!
2. Create a brushing routine early in your child’s daily schedule. Every child thrives on routine!
3. The earlier in life you start brushing your child’s teeth the better! Start washing baby’s gums with a wet wash cloth or Baby Buddy Tooth tissue, and then transition to a Baby’s First Toothbrush, and then the 360 Toothbrush.

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