How to Show Humor Through Illustrations


One of the elements of story telling I love the most is showing humor through illustrations! It keeps me engaged, as the story teller, and draws the readers (both child and adult) into the story. It can be subtle, and shown through small details (like an animal peering around a corner, a funny saying on a character’s shirt)  or more overt, like riding down the stairs on a mattress. The more you draw, and narrow your personal craft, you will find your comfort zone. 
Riding Mattress down the stairsProcess

Playing with a scene multiple ways is key! Not every illustration will end up as a masterpiece. And your favorite illustration may never even end up going in your final book! But drawing the same scene multiple ways helps open your eyes up to new perspectives.
Pushing Mattress Out the WindowThis process especially helps me when I feel bored or stuck in a particular illustration. It challenges me to think out of the box.Squeezing Mattress out the windowAssignment

Focus on one specific scene to illustrate.
Draw the same scene 3 different ways.
In each illustration, play with the use of humor:
Illustration 1: intentionally do not use any humor
Illustration 2: use subtle humor in small details within the scene
Illustration 3: go wild and play up the humor any way you can

What feels right to you? How can you can combine you favorite elements in each?

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