How Do You Develop a Character?

How do you develop a character? As with writing a character, my character never is the same as when he first pops into my mind. With every new idea, comes countless sketches, in every possible material imaginable: pencil, ink, watercolor, gauche, sculpture, mixed media, found objects….trying to get a look, a feel, a well-rounded character Read more about How Do You Develop a Character?[…]

Barnes & Noble Author Signing

We are excited to share with you some very exciting news… We will be having our Barnes & Noble debut with Sugar Bugs! This upcoming weekend, if you could please share this event with two other families who you think would enjoy a morning of reading, holiday shopping, and brushing out those Sugar Bugs, we Read more about Barnes & Noble Author Signing[…]

Toddlers Smile with Sugar Bugs!

It’s never to early to start showing off those pearly whites! Thank you to Miss Mari and her wonderful “Start with Art” class for sharing Sugar Bugs with all the adorable 2 year olds! After reading Sugar Bugs, every toddler made their very own smile – teeth included! They worked on their fine motor skills Read more about Toddlers Smile with Sugar Bugs![…]

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month! February is a time for kids to focus on brushing out their sugar bugs! With diet, oral care, and some support from your favorite dentist, you can help your kids integrate taking care of their teeth into their routine. With Dr. Sam’s Three Rules, kids can join the Cavity Read more about Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month![…]

Sugar Bugs Sunday – Where are they now?

So everyday – twice a day – our sugar bugs, the Mutans, are being brushed off of teeth and out of mouths all across the world! Their adventures must be outrageous, and I couldn’t help but think of all the food they’ve gotten themselves into…. So here’s a peak at their latest adventures… Where do Read more about Sugar Bugs Sunday – Where are they now?[…]

Reading with Meaning at the ELL Parent Center

Reading with your family should be fun! I was invited to the ELL Parent Center in Skokie, Illinois, to share with their ELL (English Language Learners) students some practical and valuable ways to read with their family, to help make not only Sugar Bugs, but all books fun and meaningful!  Using Sugar Bugs, we modeled Read more about Reading with Meaning at the ELL Parent Center[…]

I’ve Never Met a Real Author Before!

I stopped in for a surprise visit to a First Grade Class who had recently read One Thousand and One Words. “Class, today I have a surprise for you. Remember when we read the book, One Thousand and One Words? Well, the author came in to say hello!” The looks on these six and seven Read more about I’ve Never Met a Real Author Before![…]