August 14, 2012

Meet Mrs. Weisz

Erica Weisz is a author, artist, and teacher.  Combining her passions in teaching children over the years leads her to write and illustrate children’s books that focus on character building, self-discovery, and personal growth.  After experience as a program chair for Chicago’s Women in Publishing, she set out to create her own publishing company Trism Books.  Her first book One Thousand and One words focuses on the lessons learned through bullying and ultimately being a kind friend.  With a stable footing in the book industry she now travels nationally speaking to audiences through author/illustrator visits, book readings, and seminars on taking a book from thought to paper.  She received her Elementary Education Certification from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her ELL Endorsement from National Louis University.  Mrs. Weisz studied painting through programming at the Art Institute of Chicago and continues to learn the art of pottery, sculpture, photography, and expression on paper.

Mrs. Weisz Books is here for authors, students, parents, and teachers to provide the resources to create masterpieces that fully engage with your audience. With the help of Mrs. Weisz Books, you will get the inspiration you need to draw the story out of you and onto the paper for the world to see.  Contact Erica Weisz at


Mrs. Weisz teaching one of her school programs in Uganda, Africa