August 15, 2012

Parent/Student Corner

Have you ever just had one of those days? Well, I think we all have. Mine happened on burn the popcorn and smell up the house day. I’m sad when I finish a favorite book and don’t know what to do day. Stepped in dog poop in my new shoes day. Can’t go to the beach because I have too much homework to do day. Amy Krouse Rosenthal puts it perfectly in “One of Those Days”. Watch below for a Mrs. Weisz guide to reading engagement for “One of Those Days”.

One thought on “Parent/Student Corner

  • Mrs. Weisz you are truly an inspiration to me! You are the kind of teacher that I can only hope my children will get the opportunity to have! We can’t wait to purchase your book and any books you write and illustrate in the future!! You are an amazing author and illustrator! I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!

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