April 13, 2015


As a pediatric dentist and mother, prevention is a most important topic.  Cavities are at an all-time high so instead of drilling and filling, we feel compelled to educate children from a young age on prevention and home-care.  Sugar bugs have always been at the top of my prevention discussions.  The concept of sugar bugs is easily translatable to all ages.  As you can imagine, the book Sugar Bugs has made our discussions even more imaginable for children.  After reading this book, my patients are choosing their foods more wisely, taking brushing more seriously, and even grasping the concept of spitting so as to “spit out the sugar bugs”.  This book has been a God-send for our practice and my own children.”
-Dr. Kristin Elliot D.D.S, Growing Smiles

 “After reading this book, my children were on a mission to brush their teeth and get rid of the Sugar Bugs. This book talks about a very important subject in a fun and creative way. I have a 2 and a half year old and a 4 year old. Both kids understood the idea of Sugar Bugs and now understand the importance of good dental hygiene.
I HIGHLY recommend this book!!”
-Carly Humes, Educator 

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