Sketching Through Tough Scenes

Lesson Some illustrations may come easily; they flow, your initial thumbnail sketches are right on target, the vision in your head is transferring just as you imagined! But what about those scenes that are just not working? You know the ones…pencil markings layering up, paper crumbles, fear that you’ve lost your touch and your book Read more about Sketching Through Tough Scenes[…]

How to Show Humor Through Illustrations

Lesson One of the elements of story telling I love the most is showing humor through illustrations! It keeps me engaged, as the story teller, and draws the readers (both child and adult) into the story. It can be subtle, and shown through small details (like an animal peering around a corner, a funny saying on a character’s Read more about How to Show Humor Through Illustrations[…]

Finding Your Inner Child

For me and for the Mrs. Weisz Books Community, we focus on bringing out your story from the first idea and inspiration to getting your idea into book form. Covoyage through the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing your book as you watch Colt Cabana’s children’s book come to life… Everyone needs some extra inspiration. Read more about Finding Your Inner Child[…]